Our strategic objective covers the following;

1.    Sports training and mentoring
There are many young people who have untapped and optional sporting talents in schools, colleges, universities and in employment. However, on completion of their education or dropping out of employment they are thrown to a dark oblivion. GYAT-C identifies with their negative circumstances and natures this talent into metering (i.e. guidance and counseling), training youth potential into practical reality, and dreams into profitable entrepreneurship.

2.    Environmental awareness

It is evident that environment degradation results in increased inequalities in which the youth, who are predominantly poor and vulnerable, suffer most. Activate youth participation; therefore, will help them develop joint strategies (Plan of action) for environmental actions and projects they will fruitfully pursue.

3.    Economic Empowerment

Not all youth excel in sports when they are in GYAT-C or dropout of their formal education system. GYAT-C has a program of vocational training that equips them with income generating skills for self-employment.  This program covers metal works, carpently , and joinery, fashion design and tailoring, baking, fish and rabbit husbandly, and mechanical engineering, and ICT training.

4.    Drugs / substance – HIV / AIDs

Unless the youth are counseled and mentored from their teenage years, they will be rendered economically unproductive for the rest of their lives due to effects drugs and substance abuse. GYAT-C under this program seeks to pro-actively help the youth through awareness campaign and counseling in collaboration with NACADA (National Agency for the campaign against Drug Abuse.)

GYAT-C recognizes that HIV / Aids is a cause of unproductiveness in youth, who make up about 60% Kenyans population. GYAT-C’s program in this area seeks to encourage voluntary  status testing, create awareness and control through behavior change and continuous counseling victims to live Positively and Productively.

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